Unleash your dog’s mobility with Wolf Run!

Wolf Run is a Canine Massage Therapy Centre, serving Wolverhampton and the rest of the Black Country, as well as South Staffordshire and parts of Shropshire.

Welcome to Wolf Run Canine Massage Therapy

Wolf Run is a Canine fitness and rehabilitation centre based in Wolverhampton and serving the West Midlands and beyond. I want to work with people that share my passion for dogs. I understand the distress caused by your dog becoming injured, undergoing arthritic changes or suddenly appearing old and stiff. I work with people that share my passion and commitment and I support them to learn, connect and develop through my social media posts and the courses I run. I support people that would do anything for their dog, who to you is more than “just a dog”. My service is for all the crazy dog people out there who spend most of their spare time with their dogs doing courses, doing a hobby together or even just walking. I specialise in canine fitness and rehabilitation. I can help to make your dog more comfortable if they have an injury and (even more importantly) I can teach you how to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place by providing you with all the tools to develop total fitness in your dog. I understand that your well-being is intrinsically bound with your dog’s well-being and I’m passionate about supporting you both. That’s why you’ll find stuff on my website and social media posts that you won’t find on most “normal” pet business pages, which will be of interest to the passionate dog owner and might even support your own self-development too. My background is in community development. I believe that people can make incredible changes in their lives and make a difference to the world around them. Sometimes they just need a bit of help. I’m here to support that change. If you like my philosophy you might also like to check out my other passions – Make:Shift and Wolverhampton for Everyone: A people powered city.

Canine Massage

Therapeutic canine massage therapy uses four styles of massage to produce improvements in your dog’s health and mobility.

Canine Conditions 

Canine massage therapy can be highly beneficial for a wide range of issues.

Your Dog

The dog’s body can suffer from wear and tear and the signs of ageing (just like humans), whatever their background.

“I’ve already seen an improvement in the way Sully moves after just 2 sessions – Becky Cash, Rowley Regis

“After Miss Ellie’s treatment with Sam, I could see a difference in her mobility – P Coleman. Wolverhampton