Let there be light

A new service – light therapy

I’m delighted to be offering a new service to you whether you are a new or existing client. Light therapy is a complementary, non-invasive and effective treatment for numerous conditions on dogs.

What is light therapy?

Light therapy works brilliantly alongside massage and can be used to treat both chronic and acute conditions such as:
– Wounds, including infected wounds
– Bites and stings
– Muscle injuries
– Tendon injuries
– Sprained ligaments
– Elbow and hip dysplasia
– Bruising
– Acral lick granulomas
– Abcesses
– Swelling and inflammation
– Haematomes
– Skin conditions
– Mastitis

How does it work?

Light therapy works by energising compromised cells and increasing blood flow by using LED light.

When applied soon after an acute injury it can lead to quicker healing after injury.

Research has shown that light therapy:

– Increases energy in cells
– Leads to faster cell regeneration
– Reversal of cell death when applied 4 – 6 hours after injury
– Clears inflammation, reducing pain
– Increases lymphatic activity, strengthening the body’s immune response
– Increases circulation
– Releases endorphins and serotonin, the body’s natural pain relief
– Regulates collagen production

Is Light Therapy for your dog?

Light therapy is suitable for most dogs, particularly nervous dogs who would not tolerate massage.

Call or text me today on 07842 153831 to discuss you dog’s requirements and how light therapy or massage might be able to help them.

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