Canine Conditioning

I am delighted to be offering a new service with immediate effect – canine conditioning. I am now a licensed instructor with the Canine Conditioning Academy, an organisation that promotes science based techniques to achieve total canine fitness.

Canine conditioning differs from traditional fitness sessions or sports specific training in that it starts from the position that many common injuries in sporting and working dogs are due to a weak core caused by the over-development of the superficial muscles in puppyhood, at the expense of the deep stabilising core muscles. In addition many dogs have a poor connection between their brains and their back legs.

The programme addresses these issues by covering balance, flexibility, strength, mental stimulation and core strength. I can offer you the opportunity for one to one sessions with me or to take part in my eight week programme. I can instruct from foundation to advanced level.

I never use instability equipment – come along to the course to find out why such equipment is not only ineffective it is also dangerous for your dog.

The foundation course will include:

  • A full assessment of your dog
  • A series of exercises to take away to develop total fitness with your dog
  • Advice on any issues particularly effecting your dog and steps you can take to remedy this.

Contact me today to find out how to achieve total fitness with your dog. Regular classes will be taking place in Wolverhampton and I am happy to travel out to groups and clubs.

Contact me today to find out how to give your dog the competitive edge:

Phone: 07842 153831