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Canine Conditioning Course July 2018

Come along to Wolverhampton’s first ever canine conditioning course and find out how you can build core strength, flexibility, coordination and strength in your dog whilst having brilliant fun as well. Your dog will be fully assessed as part of the programme and you will learn how you can quickly, easily and cheaply set up these exercises at home.

This course is designed to be fun and safe and is delivered without the need for unsafe instability equipment.

Your dog will learn better motor skills, improved balance, coordination and proprioception.

By the end of the course you will be able to build core strength in your dog; develop strength and muscular endurance; learn how to assess your dog’s movement and posture; learn exercises that target particular muscle groups; see improvements in your dog; receive specific exercises to work on between classes and safely warm up and cool your dog down prior to and after exercise.

The course will include free drinks and biscuits.

Please note that the course will take place over the course of four sessions on 14 July, 28 July, 11 August and 25 August 2018.

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