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Canine Conditioning and the canine athlete

The benefits of canine conditioning

Exercise has both physical and psychological benefits for dogs. Dogs that undertake a canine conditioning program have better cardiovascular function, core strength, proprioception (balance and body awareness), flexibility and strength than their sedentary colleagues.A canine conditioning program will also be mentally challenging for your dog, providing much needed mental stimulation for your dog (and you!) as they get to grips with sometimes challenging new skills.

Injury prevention in dogs

Critically, a canine conditioning program has been shown to both improve the performance of working and sporting dogs as well as helping to prevent injuries. When injuries do occur, they tend to be less severe and recovery is faster, which has to be good news all round.

So what’s involved in a canine conditioning program?

Every canine conditioning program begins with an assessment of the dog to ensure that it is fit to undertake the program. By the end of the assessment we’ll have a good idea of your dog’s relative strengths and weaknesses.Once this part is complete it’s on with the six week program where we cover the basic canine conditioning elements of balance; mental stimulation; flexibility; core strength and strength.It’s great fun and the dogs love it as it’s genuinely mentally challenging for them.

A word about safety

It’s unfortunate that a number of dangerous practices have become common as people try to build core strength in their dogs. Instability equipment such as wobble boards and peanut balls are common and many people have taught their dogs to ‘sit pretty’ in the mistaken belief that this will build core strength, little realising that the dog’s facet joints in the back are I’ll equipped to deal with this exercise.The simple reality is that there are many well meaning individuals out there who have a poor understanding of dog physiology who are mindlessly promoting these practices. However, there is emerging evidence that these activities can have a detrimental effect on your dog or are, at best, ineffective.Rest assured that there are plenty of safe and effective exercises to build all round fitness in your dog.

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