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Photo by f/orme used under Creative Commons.

The dog’s body can suffer from wear and tear and the signs of ageing (just like humans), whatever their background. So whether your dog does high impact agility work or is an endurance based working dog, canine massage and Canine Conditioning can be highly beneficial.

Photo by liza31337 used under Creative Commons.
Photo by liza31337 used under Creative Commons.

Sometimes the activities of daily life such as ball chasing, jumping in and out of cars or going up and down stairs can take their toll.

The good news is that your dog doesn’t have to suffer. Canine massage can make a real difference to your dog’s life whether your dog is a pet, a show dog or does agility or obedience.

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Massage therapy has been proven to break down scar tissue that may be restricting your dog’s movement; treat areas of muscle compensation; and remove harmful toxins from the muscles, leaving your dog’s body free to complete its natural healing processes.